Burma’s Natural Wonders

So much has been written about Burma –Theravada Buddhism, its peoples and customs, and the whole wide range of tourist spots such as the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, the Mrauk U and countless natural gems of the country, including the infamous Burma rubies of Mogok. But there is so much more to Burma than the magnificent statues sculpted by the hands of its people. The land is blessed by natural wonders as well. Explore some of the natural wonders of Burma.

The Hkakabo Razi

Few people might be aware that the Hkakabo Razi is highest mountain in whole of Southeast Asia. The Hkakabo Razi can be found in Burma. It rises at a dizzying 5,881 metres above sea level and lies near the northern part of Burma state of Kachin. It borders China, India and Burma. The mountain is enclosed in the protection of the Hkakabo Razi National Park. It is in many ways unique because the semi-decidous forest and snow forest. The tip is a large ice cap surrounded by several outlet glaciers.

The Hkakabo Razi National Park and the mountain itself declared as a natural reserve on January 30, 1996 and as national park on November 10, 1998. The park is the last of its kind and an important fortress for biodiversity in the land of Burma. The natural reserve hasn’t been fully explored yet but shows an excellent natural laboratory for further studies on different fields of science. Its amazing rich flora and fauna still await scientists for proper identification and research.

Very few Westerners ever made to Hkakabo Razi, the mountain itself or even just the National Park. In 1996, two Japanese climbers and a Burmese native made the first ascent. The first attempt was in 1995 but turned back due to very bad weather. Should you want to visit the park, there are English-speaking guides that can tour you around its region.

The Andaman Sea

Also known as the Burma Sea, the Andaman Sea is the lowest point in Burma. It has a maximum depth of 4,198 metres and traditionally used by the Burmese people for fishery and transportation of their goods to neighbouring coastal countries. Its stunning coral reefs and islands are popular to both divers and tourists alike. The Andaman Sea lies to the Southeast of the Bay of Bengal, to its south Burma. Thailand lies in its west and in the east is India. The sea is part of the Indian Ocean.

It boasts of shallow reefs that are just perfect for snorkelling and diving. Diverse and interesting sea creatures such as the barramundi cod, hawksbill turtles and Napoleon wrasse would engage you with its curious eyes as you swim into their domain. The numerous crevices provide protection and shelter to different species of crustaceans and molluscs. The reef residents like the Emperor angel fish will keep your camera shutters busy as it struts its colourful body in the water.

All of these and more are waiting for you to discover. Whether you should be grabbing your mountain climbing gear or your diving suit, Burma offers diverse natural beauty for you to enjoy.

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