7 fun facts when it is your first stay in Myanmar

1. No kissing on train

Kissing in public is seen as an indecent act and all travelers must obey.

2. Unique Buddha wearing glasses

This statue belongs to Shwe Myat Mhan Pagoda, Pyay (Prome) township, Bago region of Myanmar, which is extraordinary because the Buddha wears a giant set of glasses with gold-plated rims.

The glasses were added on Buddha during the Konbaung Era. A nobleman offered them in order to enhance the faith through curiosity. It has been convey that the statue could cure any kind of eye diseases.

3. The temple with 20 snakes

2 temples are know for hosting snake: Baung Daw Kya temple located on the way from Yangon to Twante and Hmwe Paya in Mandalay.

4. Buses covered with stickers

Only seen in Airport buses. These stickers are given to passengers by companies on domestic flights for control purposes. The passengers then stick them in the buses.

5. The dead tree everyone take in picture

Near U Bein bridge

6. People swim with their clothes

7. Flip-flop is mostly used, even by the president

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