Basic Information




There are no accurate crime statistics to reference and foreigners have been targeted in muggings, burglaries and petty thefts. That said, Myanmar is considered a safe place to travel, and you should simply take the same safety measures you would at home. Be careful with your belongings, especially at touristy sites and in and around train and bus stations, and keep your passport and other valuables locked away.

With all of that said, however, some parts of the country should be avoided due to the ongoing civil war. In particular, be extra vigilant in border areas as there is ongoing military action with Vietnam, Laos and China.There is still no formal ceasefire, so the possibility of violent clashes remains and there have been reports of isolated incidents around the country. It is best to avoid all political demonstrations and gatherings, and do not photograph the police or military. Although censorship has eased up in the past few years, there are still restrictions on freedom of speech, movement, religion and political activity; foreigners have been deported or arrested for publicly criticising the government. Myanmar has had isolated incidents of terrorism, but this mostly consists of anti-government militant activity. As with everywhere, it is best to be aware of your surroundings while out and about.


Women travellers

Female travellers experience very little hassling in Myanmar, especially when compared with other countries in the region. Still, revealing clothing will be met with stares so it is still best to dress modestly.

Safety Guidelines for hiking

In most cases, it is best to hire a guide, and be sure to always hike with a companion. Camping is not legal, and avoid all restricted areas.

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